Grain Highlights 10.01.2023

According to a forecast by Safras&Mercado, soybean production in Brazil is projected at 153.37 million tons in 2022/23 (154.53 in the November forecast).

- Over the period of January 1-8, the export of grain from Russia exceeded 1 million tons, including 963,000 tons of wheat (550 thousand tons a year earlier) and 44,500 tons of corn (+27%).

- According to the USDA forecast, wheat exports from the United States will be 21.1 million tons in 2022/23, which is the lowest level for the last 51 years.

- Chicago commodity funds were net sellers of 1,000 corn, 500 soybeans and 1,000 wheat contracts yesterday.

- According to the FAS USDA forecast, the soybean production in Brazil will reach 153 million tons in 2022/23 (126.6 a year earlier). The export of soybeans during the season is estimated at 97 million tons, and the domestic processing is expected to reach 51.5 million tons.

- According to an assessment by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, at the end of December, palm oil stocks in Malaysia were 2.19 million tons (-4% for the month), which is the lowest level for the last 4 months. In December, palm oil production in Malaysia was 1.62 million tons (-3.68%) – the lowest level since July 2022, and palm oil exports were 1.47 million tons (-3.48%).

- Indian analysts expect the wheat production in India to reach a record 112 million tons in 2023. In 2022, the country's government estimated the production at 106.84 million tons, and in 2021 at 109.59 million tons.

- According to a government forecast, the import of wheat for the production of subsidized bread in Egypt will reach 4 million tons in 2023. The annual wheat consumption in the country for this purpose will be 9 million tons, and the local production is projected at 5 million tons.

- On 12.01.2023, Turkey will hold a tender for the purchase of 565,000 tons of milling wheat of any origin.