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Grain Highlights 01.03.2024

In 2023/24, the soybean production in the Brazilian state of Parana is projected to reach 18.228 million tons, which is a decrease of 4.239 million tons compared to 2022/23, according to Deral's forecast.

Grain Highlights 29.02.2024

According to SovEcon, Russia's wheat exports in February are expected to be 3.8 million tons (compared to 3 in February 2023 and an average of 2.6 for the month a year ago).

Grain Highlights 28.02.2024

According to market operators, last week China purchased 240,000 tons (4 cargoes) of corn from Ukraine, with some reports indicating purchases of 10 cargoes.

Grain Highlights 27.02.2024

On February 15, 2024, Russia introduced quotas on grain exports, which currently do not affect the export volume. During the period from February 15 to 25, grain exports from Russia increased to 1.87 million tons (+23.5% compared to the previous year), including 1.478 million tons of wheat (+17.3%), 192,000 tons of barley, and 200,000 tons of corn.

Grain Highlights 26.02.2024

According to the USDA forecast until 2033/34, global soybean imports are expected to be 221.6 million tons, representing an increase of 25.3% compared to current levels.

Grain Highlights 23.02.2024

Tunisia has procured 100,000 tons of soft wheat at prices ranging from 238.80 to 240.80 USD/ton C&F with delivery scheduled for March - April.

Grain Highlights 22.02.2024

According to USDA data for the next 10 years, Brazil will supply 72% of the global soybeans, 46% of corn, 62% of beef, 61% of poultry, and 32% of pork.

Grain Highlights 21.02.2024

According to Rusagrotrans data, during the period 01.07.2023 - 15.02.2024, 46.6 million tons of grain will be exported from Russia /+7.9 compared to the previous year/, including wheat exports of 35.6 million tons /+3.7/.

Grain Highlights 20.02.2024

According to IKAR data for 2023/24, the oilseeds production in Russia exceeds 30 million tons, setting a new record for the country.

Grain Highlights 19.02.2024

According to Safras&Mercado's forecast, Brazil's soybean production in 2023/24 will reach 94 million tons (95 a month earlier and 101.86 in 2022/23). Processing in the country is estimated at 54.3 million tons (53.5 in the previous estimate), imports will be 110,000 tons (181,000), total supply is estimated at 154.492 million tons (-6%), demand is expected at 151.3 million tons (-5%), and ending soybean stocks are projected at 3.192 million tons (-40%).