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Grain Highlights 24.02.2023

Egypt's state company GASC has purchased 79,000 tons of soybean and sunseed oils. 27,000 tons of sunseed oil have been bought at a price of 1,170 USD/ton C&F.

Grain Highlights 23.02.2023

Authorities in France will limit the use of water to irrigate crops in some parts of the country. This is done for the first time since 1959.

Grain Highlights 22.02.2023

In Brazil, 61.1% of the production is transported by road, 20.7% by rail and 13.6% by barge. The cost of transportation from the central part of Moto Grosso to the port of Paranagua has been within the range of 1.74 - 1.92 USD/bushel until now.

Grain Highlights 21.02.2023

Rusagrotrans has lowered its forecast for the grain production in Russia in 2023 to 125.4 million tons (127 in the previous estimate), including wheat production of 79.7 million tons (81.5).

Grain Highlights 20.02.2023

Over the March-June period, the export of corn from Argentina will decrease by 40% to 8.7 million tons, according to the forecast of the Grain Exchange in Rosario.

Grain Highlights 17.02.2023

As of February 16, 2023, 11.23 million hectares of grain crops were harvested in Ukraine, and 53.88 million tons of grain were harvested. Corn was harvested on 94% of the areas and 26.53 million tons of corn were harvested.

Grain Highlights 16.02.2023

According to ABS data, 2.66 million tons of wheat were exported from Australia in December, which is 50% more than in November - 1.77 million tons.

Grain Highlights 15.02.2023

According to an estimate by APC - Inform, the grain production in Ukraine will reach 45.6 million tons in 2023(52.6 in 2022).

Grain Highlights 13.02.2023

Algeria has bought 40,000 tons of milling wheat at a price of 338 USD/ton C&F most likely from Russia, Romania or Bulgaria with delivery within March-April.