Grain Highlights 16.06.2024

According to government data from 01.07.2024, freight through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles will increase in cost by 14.7% to 5.07 USD/ton.

- During the week starting from 19.06.2024, the export tax on wheat from Russia will reach 2,754.1 rubles/ton (2,845.3 a week earlier). The export tax on barley and corn remains zero.

- From January to May, Russia imported 470,000 tons of soybeans (672,000 the previous year). In 2023, the soybean production in the country was 6.8 million tons, compared to 6 million tons in 2022.

- Since the beginning of the year, grain exports from Russia reached 40.2 million tons (+16% compared to the previous season), including 24.9 million tons of wheat, 4.2 million tons of corn, and 3.9 million tons of barley.

- FranceAgriMer has raised its forecast for French soft wheat exports outside the EU in 2023/24 to 10.2 million tons (10.05 in May), while exports to EU countries will reach 6.18 million tons (6.25). Ending stocks remain at a 19-year high of 3.83 million tons (3.9 and +51% compared to 2023). Barley stocks will be 1.5 million tons (1.58), and corn stocks are estimated at 2.24 million tons (2.27).

- According to FranceAgriMer, 65% of winter barley crops in France are in good to excellent condition (63% a week earlier and 85% a year earlier), as well as 75% of spring barley crops (74% and 89%), 62% of soft wheat crops (62% and 85%), and 63% of durum wheat crops (63% and 81%).

- According to Aboissa Commodity Brokers, the soybean production in Brazil in 2023/24 will reach 147.68 million tons (154.6 in 2022/23 and 125.54 in 2021/22).

- According to the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, 46.3% of the planned wheat areas in Argentina have been sown, which will total 6.2 million hectares (+20.6% for the week).

- According to CNGOIC data, during the week ending on 07.06.2024, soybean processing in China reached 2 million tons, which is 0.2 million tons less than the previous week. Soybean stocks in processors are 5.4 million tons (+15% compared to the previous month and +12% compared to last year), soymeal stocks are 910,000 tons (+54% and +82%), and soyoil stocks reach 920,000 tons (+16% and +12%).

- In May, palm oil exports from Indonesia reached 1.72 million tons (+4.2% compared to April and +6.6% compared to May 2023), and from June 1-10, 262,400 tons of oil were exported from Malaysia (-24% compared to May).

- As of 11.06.2024, the Food Corporation of India purchased 26.6 million tons of wheat from local farmers. Based on the good quantity, the authorities will not lift the import tax on wheat, i.e., imports will not be necessary.

- On 13.06.2024, Egypt's state company GASC purchased 5,500 tons of sunseed oil at a price of 1,073.9 USD/ton with delivery from 20.07 to 05.08.2024, and 17,000 tons of soyoil at a price of 1,003 USD/ton with delivery from 20.07 to 31.08.2024.

- Lebanon purchased 63,000 tons of milling wheat from Ukraine at a price of 248 USD/ton C&F with delivery in July.

- According to estimates by Stratégie Grains and Mintec, the global sunseed production in 2024/25 will be 60.55 million tons (61.57 in 2023/24), including 10.72 million tons in the EU (9.7), 14 million tons in Ukraine (14.6), and 17.03 million tons in Russia (17.44).