Grain Highlights 23.09.2022

In order to increase the country's food security, China plans to further reduce the consumption of soy in feed.

Grain Highlights 22.09.2022

According to a forecast by Rusagrotrans, the grain production in Russia will be 153 million tons in 2022 (+17.5 compared to the record from 2017), including a record corn production of 16 million tons, a record wheat production of 100 million tons and a barley production of 23.1 million tons.

Grain Highlights 21.09.2022

According to Anec's forecast, the export of corn from Brazil in September will be 7.618 million tons (-0.2 compared to the previous estimate and 6.9 million tons in August and 2.5 million tons in September 2021).

Grain Highlights 20.09.2022

As of 19.09.2022, harvested wheat in Russia was 97.3 million tons (71.9 a year earlier) with an average yield of 3.76 tons/hectare (2.90).

Grain Highlights 19.09.2022

In August, China imported 1.8 million tons of corn (-44% compared to August 2021), 530,000 tons of wheat (-25%), 250,000 tons of barley (-64%) and 670,000 tons of sorghum (-18%).

Grain Highlights 17.09.2022

In the past two weeks, Chinese traders have bought about 30 carloads of soybeans from Argentina. Argentinian soybean prices are very competitive and demand from China is gradually increasing.

Grain Highlights 15.09.2022

Saudi Arabia has announced a tender for the purchase of 535,000 tons of wheat with delivery within 11/10/2022 – 02/25/2023.

Grain Highlights 14.09.2022

Over the period of 01.07 - 14.09.2022, 5,805 million tons of grain were exported from Ukraine (10,926 a year earlier), including 1,508 million tons in September (2,301 a year earlier).

Grain Highlights 13.09.2022

According to the MARS forecast, the corn production in Ukraine will reach 32 million tons in 2022 (-24% compared to 2021 and -5% compared to the average five-year level).

Grain Highlights 12.09.2022

India has banned the export of certain varieties of rice and imposed an export tax of 20% on others. The country has a share of 40% of the world's rice exports. An increase in the prices of rice and wheat is expected.