Grain Highlights 03.11.2022

StoneX raises its forecast for the 2022/23 US corn production by 1.3 million tons to 358.4 million tons at an average yield of 11 tons/hectare.

Grain Highlights 02.11.2022

Russia has resumed its participation in the grain deal. Written guarantees have been received from Ukraine that the corridor will not be used to carry out hostilities against Russia.

Grain Highlights 31.10.2022

In October, wheat exports from Russia will reach 4.7 million tons, which is a record achievement for the month. Exports in the previous week are estimated at 1.3 million tons.

Grain Highlights 28.10.2022

Refinitiv Commodities Research has raised its forecast for Australia's 2022/23 wheat production by 4% to 37.5 million tons (+1.2 compared to 2021/22).

Grain Highlights 27.10.2022

During the last days, precipitation has fallen in Argentina in the range of 30-100 l/sq.m. Good amounts of rain fell in the province of Buenos Aires, the southeastern parts of Córdoba and Santa Fe.

Grain Highlights 26.10.2022

In 2022, the production of cereals in Kazakhstan reaches 21.8 million tons, which is the highest level for the last 10 years.

Grain Highlights 25.10.2022

As of 24.10.2022, 3.6 million hectares of winter cereals were sown in Ukraine (76% of the forecast and 954,000 hectares for the last week), including 3.1 million hectares of wheat (79%) and 390,000 hectares of barley (58%).

Grain Highlights 24.10.2022

The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange has once again reduced its forecast for the wheat production in Argentina to 15.2 million tons (16.5 in last week's forecast).

Grain Highlights 21.10.2022

The Rosario Grain Exchange lowered its forecast for the 2022/23 wheat production in Argentina by 1.5 million tons to 15 million tons (-35% compared to 2021/22 or 22.4).