Grain Highlights 30.08.2023

According to StatsCan, the wheat production in 2023/24 in Canada is forecasted to reach 29.5 million tons (down by 14% compared to 2022/23), marking the second weakest performance in the last 8 years.

Grain Highlights 29.08.2023

Egypt's state company GASC plans to purchase 50,000 tons of Bulgarian wheat without a tender at a price of 263.77 USD/ton FOB with delivery scheduled between October 5th and 20th.

Grain Highlights 28.08.2023

Rusagrotrans forecasts wheat exports from Russia in August to reach 5.1 million tons (compared to 4.8 million tons in the previous estimate).

Grain Highlights 25.08.2023

For the second time this month, Rusagrotrans has raised its forecast for the Russian wheat production in 2023 by 3.3 million tons to 92 million tons.

Grain Highlights 24.08.2023

Insurance companies involved in insuring the export of Russian oil through the Black Sea have increased their premiums by around 1% to 1.2 – 1.25%.

Grain Highlights 23.08.2023

According to the forecast by the Union of Agronomists in Kazakhstan, the wheat production in the country is not expected to exceed 10 million tons in 2023.

Grain Highlights 22.08.2023

SovEcon has revised its forecast for wheat production in Russia, suddenly increasing it by 5 million tons to 92.1 million tons (up from the previous estimate of 87.1 million tons).

Grain Highlights 18.08.2023

APK-Inform forecasts the grain production in 2023/24 in Ukraine at 53.1 million tons (53.9 in 2022/23), including wheat production of 20.6 million tons (-1%), barley production of 5.5 million tons (-1%), and corn production of 25.5 million tons (-2%).