Grain Highlights 04.07.2024

ProZerno forecasts a total grain production in Russia for 2024/25 at 128.2 million tons (compared to 144.9 million tons in 2023/24), including wheat production of 82 million tons (92.8), barley production of 17.5 million tons (21.1), and corn production of 15 million tons (16.6).

Grain Highlights 03.07.2024

In 2023/24, Russia exported 68.4 million tons of grain (55.9 million in 2022/23), including 55.9 million tons of wheat, 6.9 million tons of barley (5), and 5.3 million tons of corn (4.3).

Grain Highlights 01.07.2024

In their June report, analysts from MARS forecast an average yield of soft wheat in the EU in 2024 at 5.86 tons/hectare (5.86 on average over the last five years).

Weekly Analysis 24.06.2024 - 30.06.2024

During the past week, wheat, soymeal, and soyoil futures in Chicago experienced minimal declines, while corn futures plummeted and soybean futures declined moderately. In Paris, the September wheat contract saw minimal gains, but others declined; corn futures decreased moderately, while rapeseed futures increased significantly.

Grain Highlights 28.06.2024

In their June forecast, analysts from StatsCan estimate wheat acreage in Canada at 26.641 million acres (27.05 million in March and 26.93 million in 2023/24).

Grain Highlights 26.06.2024

According to government data, record high temperatures in China in recent weeks and the lack of rainfall in the country's production areas will reduce the corn production.

Grain Highlights 25.06.2024

According to a forecast by SovEcon, in 2024/25, Ukraine's wheat production will be 20.4 million tons (21.6 million tons in 2023/24), and corn production will reach 27.6 million tons (31 million tons).

Grain Highlights 24.06.2024

According to a forecast by FAS USDA, in 2024/25, the corn production in Mexico will reach 25 million tons (22.7 million in 2023/24), and wheat production is expected at 2.8 million tons (+0.1).