Grain Highlights 20.09.2022

As of 19.09.2022, harvested wheat in Russia was 97.3 million tons (71.9 a year earlier) with an average yield of 3.76 tons/hectare (2.90).

- As of 19.09.2022, the harvested barley in Russia is 17.8 million tons with a yield of 3.06 tons/hectare (2.42). The harvested corn reaches 802,400 tons (1,300,000) with a yield of 5.84 tons/hectare (4.38). The harvested sunseed was 2.4 million tons with an average yield of 2.3 tons/hectare (1.63).

- The Russian Grain Union has warned of a collapse of the oil market in Russia given the huge sunseed production.

- As of September 19, 2022, 411,000 hectares of winter cereals were sown in Ukraine (9% of the forecast), including wheat areas of 364,000 hectares (9%) and barley areas 32,000 hectares (5%).

- According to a forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine, according to their pessimistic scenario, the area with winter cereals in the country in the 2023 production will decrease by 20%.

- As of September 20, 2022, the grain production in Kazakhstan reached 17.3 million tons at an average yield of 1.25 tons/hectare.

- According to Coceral's forecast, the production of oil crops in the EU will be 31.3 million tons in 2022 (-0.9 million tons compared to the previous estimate), including rapeseed production of 19.5 million tons (+1.1), soybean production of 2.78 million tons (-0.4) and sunseed production of 9 million tons (-1.7).

- Coceral forecasts a grain production in the EU in 2022/23 of 264.6 million tons (-23.2 million tons compared to 2021/22), including corn production of 51.9 million tons (-14.1 and 70.2), soft wheat production of 125.6 million tons (-1.8 and -3.8), durum wheat production of 7.2 million tons (-0.5 and -0.6), barley production of 52.4 million tons (-0.7 and 52.1).

- According to AgRural data, as of September 19, 2022, the sowing campaign of soybeans in Brazil was carried out on 1% of the planned areas, which total 42.7 million hectares. The soybean production is expected to reach 148.5 million tons.

- In August soybean deliveries to China were 6.25 million tons from Brazil (-31%), 350,000 tons from Uruguay, 286,800 tons from the United States and 197,800 tons from Argentina. Total imports were 7.17 million tons, the lowest level for this month since 2014. Over the period of January - August, soybean supplies were 40.93 million tons (43.05), including 18.21 million tons from the United States (21.63).

- In 2022, the wheat production in Turkey reached 19.2 million tons (17.6 in 2021 and 19.7 on average for the last five years), barley production was 7.5 million tons (5.9 and 6.7) and corn production totaled 7.1 million tons (6.7 and 6.2).

- In the next year, the import of soft wheat in Morocco will increase to 4.5 - 5 million tons (3 on average per year). The cereal production is now 3.4 million tons (-67%), including soft wheat production of 1.89 million tons.

- In the coming days, Iraq is expected to announce a tender for the purchase of 1.3 million tons of wheat, the money for which has been secured. The amount will be sufficient to meet domestic demand until May 2023.

- According to Oil World's forecast, world's soyoil production will be 61.63 million tons in 2022/23 (+1.5 million tons compared to the previous estimate), including 16.8 million tons in China (+0.4), 7.9 million tons in Argentina (+0.3), 1.5 million tons in India, 12 million tons in the United States and 10.2 million tons in Brazil. World's soyoil exports will be 13.2 million tons (+0.05), and ending soyoil stocks are projected at 6.25 million tons (6.17).