Grain Highlights 04.10.2022

Over the July-September period, 13.67 million tons of grain were exported from Russia (17.5 in 2021/22), including 11.922 million tons of wheat (15.6).

- Over the July-September period, 13.67 million tons of grain were exported from Russia (17.5 in 2021/22), including 11.922 million tons of wheat (15.6). In September alone, the export of grain was 5.14 million tons (6.5), including wheat exports of 4.596 million tons and barley exports of 514,000 tons.

- As of October 3, 2022, 1.2 million hectares (26% of the plan) were sown with winter cereals in Ukraine, including 1.1 million hectares of wheat (27%), 96,000 hectares of barley (14%) and 35,000 hectares of rye (41%). Last week alone. 516,000 hectares were sown .

- Strategie Grains has raised its forecast for EU rapeseed and sunseed productions in 2022/23. The rapeseed production is projected to reach 19.46 million tons (19.15 in the previous estimate and 17 in 2021/22 and 16.63 in 2020/21), sunseed production is estimated at 9.25 million tons (9.17 and 10.27 and 8.8), soybean production is expected at 2.47 million tons (2.49 and 2.69 and 2.64).

- In the last 12 months, Hungary imported 1 million tons of corn, which is almost 1/4 of its production. The country is usually a net exporter of corn, but this year's production will be the lowest since 1970. It is expected to reach 2.8 - 3.6 million tons with a consumption of 4.5 million tons. In 2021, the production was 6.5 million tons. In the next 12 months, an import of 1.5 million tons of corn is expected, mainly from Ukraine.

- Yesterday Chicago commodity funds were net buyers of 1,500 contracts of corn and 4,000 contracts of soybeans and net sellers of 2,000 contracts of wheat.

- According to USDA data, as of 10/02/2022, 20% of corn areas have been harvested in the United States (+8% for the week and 27% a year earlier). 52% of the corn crops are in good and excellent condition (59% a year earlier). 22% of the areas (+14% and 31%) were harvested with soybeans, and 55% of the crops (58%) are in good and excellent condition. 40% of the planned areas are sown with winter wheat (+9% and 45%).

- According to AgRural's assessment, as of 09/29/2022, 3.8% of the planned areas were sown with soybeans in Brazil. Soil moisture is good across most areas.

- According to an estimate by Safras&Mercado, as of 30.09.2022, 36.9% of the planned areas, which are 4.19 million hectares, were sown with corn from the first production in Brazil.

- Indonesia may continue the zero export tax on palm oil until the end of 2022.

- According to FAO data, grain production in Iran will increase by 13.5% to 20.3 million tons in 2022, including wheat production of 13 million tons (+25%). At the end of 2021, wheat stocks in the country were 11.5 million tons, and they are expected to be 12.8 million tons at the end of 2022.

- Algeria has bought about 300,000 tons of wheat at USD 370/ton C&F with November delivery. The wheat was purchased mainly from the Black Sea region.

- Turkey has announced a tender for the purchase of 495,000 tons of feed barley with delivery within October-November.