Grain Highlights 28.11.2022

Over the period of November 1-27, 4.4 million tons of wheat were exported from Russia, which is 1.7 times more than the previous year.

- According to Russian analysts, the Russian wheat production will be 87 million tons in 2023 with little damage to crops in the winter. Other forecasts from Russia indicate a wheat production of 83.1 - 84.8 million tons. Total wheat areas are projected to reach 29.1 million hectares (-0.4 compared to 2022/23), including winter wheat areas of 18.8 million hectares (19.5).

- During the week of November 20-27, 327,400 tons of wheat and 25,900 tons of barley were exported from the Russian port of Novorossiysk. The biggest customers for wheat are Pakistan with 136,400 tons, Yemen with 53,100 tons and Syria with 32,500 tons. The largest customer for barley was Lebanon. A week earlier, wheat exports were 354,000 tons.

- Over the period of November 1-27, 4.4 million tons of wheat were exported from Russia, which is 1.7 times more than the previous year. The full-month export forecast has been lowered from 5.3-5.5 million tons to 4.9-5 million tons, which is still 70% higher than November 2021. During the period, barley exports were 453,000 tons (+44%) and corn exports totaled 94,000 tons (321,000). The largest buyer of wheat is Turkey with 843,000 tons (848,000) followed by Egypt with 300,000 tons (-30%).

- As of 17.11.2022, 50% of the areas with corn were harvested in Ukraine, and 12.3 million tons of grain were harvested with an average yield of 5.81 tons/hectare. The Ukrainian Grain Association expects a corn production of 24 million tons (37.6 in 2021), with corn exports of 20 million tons and ending corn stocks of 7.8 million tons.

- From the beginning of the season to 28.11.2022, 17.19 million tons of grain were exported from Ukraine (-31.9% compared to the previous year), including 9.13 million tons of corn (+170%), 6.64 million tons of wheat and 1.36 million tons of barley. From the beginning of November, the export of grain was 3.99 million tons, including 1.64 million tons of wheat, 2.07 million tons of corn and 252,000 tons of barley.

- The USA and Ukraine are discussing the inclusion of Nikolaev port in the grain corridor and extending its existence by 1 year.

- According to data from FranceAgriMer, as of 21.11.2022, 98% of the planned areas have been sown with soft wheat (+1% for the week and 97% on average for the last five years). 98% of crops are in good and excellent condition.

- The European Commission has again lowered its forecast for the corn production in the EU in 2022 to 53.3 million tons (54.9 a month earlier). Corn imports into the EU in 2022/23 will be 23 million tons (22).

- On Friday, Chicago commodity funds were net sellers of 7,000 wheat and 1,000 soybean contracts and net buyers of 2,000 corn contracts.

- According to Statistics Canada, 885,300 tons of canola were processed in Canada in October (793,800 in September and 876,100 in October 2021). Soybean processing was 163,700 tons (+17% and 163,700).

- From 28.11.2022, the authorities in Argentina have renewed the preferential exchange rate scheme for farmers who sell their soybeans. The validity of the offer is until 31.12.2022. It seeks to stimulate exports while at the same time the government collects export taxes. Sales of 1-1.5 million tons of soybeans are expected.

- The Egyptian Commodity Exchange opened its doors in Egypt. The country is looking for new ways to supply grain. Egypt's state-owned company GASC has abandoned wheat purchase tenders and switched to direct contracts with suppliers. On 27.11.2022 (the first trading session), 12,000 tons of Russian wheat from GASC reserves were traded at a price of 397 USD/ton.

- Egypt's strategic reserves of wheat are sufficient to meet demand for five months. The strategic reserve of oils is enough for almost 5 months and that of rice is sufficient enough for 4 months.

- Turkey has announced a tender for the purchase of 495,000 tons of feed barley with delivery within January-February 2023.